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Monday, December 3, 2012

EAST AFRICA TODAY' - new podcast series

EAST AFRICA TODAY' - The new podcast series of the Society for
International Development

The Society for International Development is pleased to announce the
launch of the new program called 'EAST AFRICA TODAY'. It is a weekly audio
program of 30 minutes that goes on every Monday and is hosted on the SID

Each episode will see influential East Africans - be it a politician,
policy-maker, activist, economist and entrepreneur - discuss interesting
trends and dynamics that are shaping the region and explore domestic and
international dynamics that will shape the future of regional integration
and beyond.

This podcast series is a follow up initiative of the 'State of East Africa
Report 2012: Deepening Integration, Intensifying Challenges' and is aimed
at broadening the conversations and debates surrounding the findings and
dynamics hinted by the report which would have long-term consequences for
the region.

Moving away from being a news interview, the East Africa Today Podcast is
unique as it is a free flowing conversation and discussion. It is created
and curated by Ahmed Salim (Program Manager SID, Dar es Salaam). Podcast
can be downloaded to a portable media player, as well as computers.

Stay Tuned: Next podcast will be made available on the SID Forum - - and announced

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