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Friday, July 6, 2012


CFP IUAES 2013: Tourism and anthropological theory and practice (IUAES
Commission on the Anthropology of Tourism)

17th World Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and
Ethnological Sciences

Manchester (UK), 5-10 August 2013

Track G (General)

Panel G42: *Tourism and anthropological theory and practice*

*Panel organizer*: Noel B. Salazar (University of Leuven, Belgium): <>

*Panel abstract*:

Fieldwork-based anthropology and long-haul tourism share remarkably
similar genealogies. Scholars have analysed in great detail the common
historical roots of anthropology and tourism in romanticism,
capitalist industrialization, colonialism and the like. This partially
explains why mainstream anthropology has, for a long time, despised
tourism, both as a social reality and as an object of study. Today,
anthropologists play active roles in tourism planning and development,
as guides, researchers, consultants, analysts or policy makers. The
origins of the anthropological study of tourism date back to the
1960s. In those fifty years, dedicated colleagues have produced a rich
set of analytical concepts and theories that have been widely
influential within the interdisciplinary field of tourism studies.
Within mainstream anthropology, however, tourism research still has
difficulty shedding its reputation as being merely applied scholarship
and tourism is rarely at the centre stage of the discipline. This
panel of the IUAES Commission on the Anthropology of Tourism aims at
changing this situation by presenting a set of thought-provoking
papers that reflect critically on the dynamic relationship between
tourism and mainstream anthropology. The participants address the
following questions: Which innovative concepts and theories developed
within the anthropology of tourism are relevant for the discipline at
large and can shed new lights on important disciplinary debates? How
can tourism and the anthropological study of it contribute to the
development of ethnographic methods and methodologies? How can the
anthropology of tourism play a leading role in advancing
anthropological theory and practice?

*Submission of abstracts*:

Please use the online application
provide the following data: paper title, short abstract (max. 300
signs) and long abstract (max. 250 words), name, affiliation and full
contact details

Deadline: 29 July 2012

*General information on the conference*:

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