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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Canadian Federation of University Women -- Bill C-38, Employment Equity Act and the Federal Conractors Program

On Monday, CFUW submitted a Brief to the Standing Committee on Finance in
which we included a recommendation to remove Clause 602 from Bill C-38,
which will amend the Employment Equity Act. We made sure to point out that
the changes to the Employment Equity Act had no clear connections to the
2012 Budget itself, as employment equity, nor the federal contractors
program are discussed in the budget. You can read our brief here if you are

I was told by the Committee Clerk that clause by clause review of the Bill
began on Monday, so hopeful our brief will be received in time.


Tara Fischer
Advocacy and Communications Coordinator
Canadian Federation of University Women
613-234-8252 ext.106<tel:613-234-8252%20ext.106>

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