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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

CFP: 4S - Biotechnology in Latin America panel

Bio-technologies: Policy, Practice, & Scientific Change in Latin America
Session Organizer: Christina Holmes
EHESS-CNRS, Paris, France

Session Description: Biotechnology represents an important 'growth'
area, in terms of scientific knowledge and publication possibilities, as
well as presenting potentially applied uses. It has been suggested as an
important way of improving agricultural cultivars; as a way of mapping,
managing, and profiting from biodiversity; as a way of protecting a
country's genetic patrimony; and as a way of creating new industrial and
medical applications. This panel aims to foster discussion about
biotechnology and Latin America by asking the following three questions:
1) How has Latin America interacted with biotechnology? 2) How have the
policies and practices surrounding biotechnology in Latin America
compared to wider, global trends? 3) How are biotechnologies part of
wider processes of scientific change?

Please send an abstract of a paper (minimum 250 words, maximum of 400
words) by March 11th (for March 15th submission deadline).

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