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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Forum on a National Research Centre: Truth and Reconciliation Commission


You are invited to attend the

2011 Forum

Sharing Truth - Creating a National Research Centre on Residential
The purpose of this Forum is to inform the Commissioners of Canada’s
Truth and Reconciliation Commission about experiences in other countries
in relation to their respective Truth and Reconciliation Commissions
and/or similar processes. The experience and knowledge represented at
the Forum will be varied and provide a broad base from which to move
There will be some organizations in attendance that have done thorough
document collection; some others have had experience with privacy and
access issues; some have had to produce results on a small budget, while
some have had big budgets; there are those that are associated with
universities, and still others that are stand-alone institutions; some
are national and more formal organizations, while others are more like
non-profits and advocacy organizations.
Our intention with this Forum is to learn from this broad spectrum of
experiences. Ultimately, the Commissioners will establish best practices
ensuring that a National Memory is preserved and recognized for future
generations of all Canadians.

For Details:
Please note: In deference to those who have allergies, the Frost Centre
is now a scent-free environment.

Professor Julia Harrison
Frost Centre for Canadian Studies and Indigenous Studies
Kerr House,
Traill College
Trent University,
Peterborough, ON
K9H 7R1
705 748 1011 x6049
705 748 1801 (fax)

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