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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Socialist Studies: New scholars, Call for papers

> Society for Socialist Studies
> New Scholars Session
> Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences
> Fredericton, 31 May – 03 June 2011
> Call for Papers
> The most recent crisis of capital poses an immense set of
> challenges. Neoliberalism is deepening, chronic hunger is widespread
> and ecological degradation continues apace. Opportunities have
> nevertheless emerged. Student movements are organizing across
> Europe, the Middle East and the Americas, while creative projects
> and struggles are proliferating across the world.
> To make sense of all of this, the Society of Socialist Studies
> invites graduate students to submit paper proposals for the New
> Scholars Session at the 2011Congress of the Humanities and Social
> Sciences.
> Submissions are welcome from those who have yet to complete their
> Masters degree. Perspectives from a wide array of disciplines and
> interdisciplinaryfields are welcome, including history, political
> science and sociology, among others. Paper topics are encouraged
> from socialist, feminist, anti-racist and ecological points of view.
> Paper proposals could be in any of these areas, as well as on topics
> relating to the Society's theme, "Continental Shifts, Divisions, and
> Solidarities."
> The theme marks an attempt to grapple with global shifting and
> fragmentation of capital and power. Like other changes in the past,
> "Continental Shifts, Divisions, and Solidarities" is an attempt to
> challenge to the ways we understand the world(s) around us. This is
> a time to rethink established epistemologies, theories and
> underlying philosophies.
> Please submit abstracts (maximum of 100 words) by January 31, 2011
> to: Matthew Brett, New Scholars chair,
><>. Contact
> Matthew for more information, or visit

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