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Friday, January 7, 2011

Mother Pelican ~ January 2011

Mother Pelican - A Journal of Sustainable Human Development
Volume 7, Number 1, January 2011
Climate Change: A Test Case in Human Development

Page 1. Editorial ~ A Christmas Reflection on Being Human
Page 2. Envisioning a Sustainable World, by Donella H. Meadows
Page 3. The power to create a better world is already ours, by John Bunzl
Page 4. Rare Earths Diplomacy, by Sean Daly
Page 5. A Real Solution to Global Debt Crises, by Julia Dowling
Page 6. Flaws in Human Mentality: A few thoughts on the subject,
by Copthorne Macdonald
Page 7. Sustainable Growth Is An Oxymoron, by Rudy M. Baum
Page 8. Faith in service: What has gender got to do with it?, by
Mariz Tadros
Page 9. What the New Human Development Index tells us about
Africa, by Francisco R. Rodriguez

Supp1. Advances in Sustainable Development
Supp2. Directory of Sustainable Development Resources
Supp3. Sustainable Development Simulation (SDSIM) Version 1.4
Supp4. Budapest Call for Climate Justice (WCC, November 2010)

Please forward this notice to friends and associates who might be
interested. Submission of research papers on sustainable human
development is cordially invited.


Luis T. Gutiérrez, PhD, PE
The Pelican Web ~
Editor, Mother Pelican: A Journal of Sustainable Human Development
A monthly, CC license, free subscription, open access e-journal

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