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Friday, December 22, 2017

CASCA: CFPs, Events, Opportunities/Colloques, Appels à communication, évènements, opportunités

CFPs, Events, Opportunities/Colloques, Appels à communication, évènements, opportunités

-Women's Network Award for a Student Paper in Feminist Anthropology CASCA 2018/ Appel à propositions pour le Prix étudiant du Réseau des femmes de la CASCA 2018

-Tour of Smithsonian's Department of Anthropology Archives and Ethnological Collection during AHA

-CFP: Bodies That Eat, Bodies That Drink. Biocultural Approaches to Nutrition, Incorporation and Commensality

-Call for Submissions, "Food Fights: A Global Perspective," Zapruder World 5 (2018)

-CFP: Fair Trade International Symposium 2018

-Call For Papers - Queering Girlhood: Special Issue of Girlhood Studies

-Romani, Syrian and Yemenite Metalsmith Research Project

-CfP Urban Struggles in Mediterranean Cities: The Right to the City and the Common Space

-EASST 2018 CfP: From Detachment to Appropriation - Performing Commodification (G02)

-Twelfth International Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies July 2018

-CFP: Going beyond the contemporary? Art, anthropology, ontology

-Call for Papers: VALUING HEALTH

-EASST 2018 Call for Papers: (A01) Biosocial forms of living: Imbricating technologies, social and medical knowledge

-CfP Conference "Preparing for Patients"

-cfp Understanding activity patterns of animals EAA 2018

-4S Sydney 2018 CfP: Data worldings and post/colonial connectedness

-Call for papers: Drawings Of, Drawings By, Drawings With (RAI Art, Materiality & Representation)

-EASST 2018 CfP: Meeting (in) Data

-CfP | EASST2018 Panel | Beyond Market Attachment: Differentiating and Explicating the Role of 'Policy Devices' in Organising Economic Matters

-CfP Panel on Craft-Apprenticeship Practice-based Research


-Appel à communications pour le 3e Colloque de l'Institut du patrimoine culturel de l'Université Laval «Patrimoines et patrimonialisation décomplexés ?»

-Appel à communications : 3e colloque étudiant sur la recherche partenariale - UQAM

-Call for Papers: Techno-scientific expertise and geographical imaginaries in the making of new resource frontiers



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