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Thursday, September 28, 2017

CASCA: CFPs, Events, Opportunities/Colloques, Appels à communication, évènements, opportunités


-CASCACuba2018: Seeking co-presenters for a panel or round table-arts-based, qualitative research methods focus

-CASCACuba CFP: A contrapuntal anthropology of politics: engaging formally and informally with 'the political'

CFPs, Events, Opportunities/Colloques, Appels à communication, évènements, opportunités

-FINAL CFP ISA Toronto 15-21 July 2018 - Future-making and the senses

-SfAA 2018 CfP: (Re)Making Drug Use, Addiction, and Recovery Online

-Call for proposals: Liquidscapes

-Call for papers Panel P002 - Art, Materiality and Representation conference

-Call for Submissions: 1st ENQA Young Scholar Award for excellent scholarship in European queer anthropology

-CFP: Confluences of Art History and Anthropology

-Call for Papers: 'Tradition, performance and identity politics in European festivals'

-CfP: The Aesthetics of Modelling RAI 2018

-Commons in Latin America: Join us

-CfP anthropology of gender and sexuality

-Conference: A World of Flows:Labour Mobility,Capital & Knowledge in an Age of Global Reversal & Regional Revival

-CFP: Environmental Humanities in Historical Perspective

-2018 JDC Archives Fellowship Program

-RAI2018 - CfP The art of infrastructure

-CfP Re-thinking source communities RAI June 2017

-CALL FOR PAPERS: Materializations of the Political, University of Warsaw, March 2018

-CFP: SfAA 2018: Gender Based Violence TIG

-CFP AAG, Speculative forays in Terran ruins: posthuman & fictional possibilities

-CFP: Design & Environment. An Intensive, Interdisciplinary, and Output-Oriented Workshop 

-CfP 'Ethnographies of Art Events' panel for RAI2018: Art, Materiality and Representation conference

-Call for Papers -- James A. Rawley Graduate Conference in the Humanities - On the Margins

-Call for Nominations: CICan Awards of Excellence 2017-2018

-Appels à propositions pour le 86e congrès de l'ACFAS 

-Call for Abstracts: Special Issue on "Island Imaginaries" (Science as Culture)

-AJJ Fall Meeting 2017 CFP

-CSTPV Graduate Conference: Contemporary Issues in Terrorism Studies

-Cfp Informality and Infrastructure - African Centre for Cities international urban conference - 1-2 February 2018 (Cape Town)



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