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Monday, October 24, 2016

CASCA: CFPs, Events, Opportunities/Colloques, Appels à communication, évènements, opportunités

CASCA: CFPs, Events, Opportunities/Colloques, Appels à communication,
évènements, opportunités

-CFP: Work in Progress: The Construction of Identities Through
Discursive Practices in Contemporary (Canadian) Society

travers des pratiques discursives dans la société (canadienne)

-SIEF panel - (Mig02) "Daily life and struggles of asylum-seekers
living in temporary dwellings within Europe"

-Actions concertées du Fonds de recherche du Québec –Société et
culture: «Programme de recherche sur l'écriture et la lecture,
concours 2017-2018»

-CFP: 17th International Student Conference of the Historical Sciences
Department of Laval University

-Antipode's 6th Institute for the Geographies of Justice; Montréal,
Québec, Canada; 5-9 June 2017

-"Sensing Matter(s)" - Graduate Visual Culture Association of Queen's
University Context and Meaning Conference, January 2017


-Call for Fellows: Institute for Critical Social Inquiry (ICSI) 2017
Summer Seminars

-Call for Papers - BRIDGE: The Heritage of Connecting Places and Cultures

-Call for Papers: BRISMES 2017 Movement and Migration in the Middle
East: People and Ideas in Flux

-Call for papers: SIEF 2017 - Temporalities of Dwelling Elsewhere:
Placing and Displacing Home

-Call for Sounds: SIEF 2017 - The Acoustics of Dwelling, a Sound Programme

-CFC: Education in the Borderlands: Promises, Utopias and Realities

-CFP for SPA 2017 meeting in New Orleans: idioms of distress

-CfP panel "Thrift and dwelling: popular media representations of
'appropriate' ways of being in the world"

-CFP: 2017 Meeting of the Canadian Peace Research Association

-CfP: Connecting Materialities / Material Connectivities

-CFP: Implementing care policies to advance inclusive gender equality
2017 European Conference on Politics and Gender (ECPG), June 8-10,
University of Lausanne, Switzerland

-CfP: MAYS 2017 : "Medical Anthropology Beyond Academic Borders"

-CfP: SIEF 2017 "Urban development from below"

-CfP: Terror on Tour: Borders, Detours & Contingencies, University of
Innsbruck, Austria - 29-31 March 2017

-CfP: The rural home as a site of production - SIEF

-CfP: Turkey at Critical Crossroads: Dynamic Trajectories for Society,
Politics and Culture, Lisbon, 1-3 February 2017

-SIEF Panel "Walls of glass: visibility and transparence in
materiality and metaphor"

-SIEF 2017, Panel Work02 "Transnationalism and work-life
(im)mobilities in the UN system and beyond"

-CFP: Ethnographies of Islam in China

-Conference: Crossing Over: An Interdisciplinary Conference on Death
and Morbidity

-Call: Managing people with language: language policy, planning and
practice in multilingual blue-collar workplaces: a global perspective,
special issue of Language Policy

-Panel Call: Panel Habitat in the Making, SIEF 2017 Gottingen

-L'Institut de la santé publique et des populations des IRSC -
possibilité de financement suivante

-The Institute of Population and Public Health funding opportunity

-Call for Papers for a Panel on Traditional Birth Attendants at the
2017 SfAA Meeting

Migrants, their Families, and the 'Migration Industry' in Nepal

-CFP: SIEF 2017 - Materializing Exile: Production of Difference and
Diversity in the City

-CfP SIEF 2017: Images and the imaginary of Home: analysing pictures
and visual culture in times of securitization and domopolitics

-Graduate Conference CFP: Brave New World: Revisiting Globalization in
Literature and Culture

-SfAA 2017 CfP - Riddle me DATA: DOUBLE SESSION

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Anthropology in Austria : From the "Blue Danube" to studying the
diversity of the world

Tuesday 8 November 2016

Venue: Wolfson Room, British Academy, 10-11 Carlton House Terrace,
London SW1Y 5AH

09:00-09:50 - Registration and Coffee & tea service
10:00-10:30 - Opening remarks
10:30-11:30 - Presentations
11:30-12:00 - Coffee & tea break
12:00-13:00 - Presentations
13:00-14:00 - Lunch
14:00-15:30 - Presentations
15:30-16:00 - Coffee & tea break
16:00-17:30 - Presentations
18:00 - Reception

Anthropology in Austria has long entertained lively, fairly
continuous, and multi-facetted interactions with the UK. These have
ranged from Habsburg Empire citizen Bronislaw Malinowski's odyssey
through London to the Trobriand Islanders, Siegfried Nadel's
emigration to England from Vienna through Berlin, Christoph
Fürer-Haimendorf's dissociation from Nazi-occupied Austria in moving
to British India and later to SOAS; Vienna-born Scarlett Epstein's
affiliation with Max Gluckmann and the Manchester school, to Ernest
Gellner's engagement with those intellectual legacies of Central
Europe in which his parents had grown up. Many of those past
interactions in fact were related to Austrian movements of
intellectual and political thought.

Yet Anthropology in Austria has completely re-organized itself in
recent decades, and has opened up to the world more than ever before.
Today it represents a major branch in German-speaking and European
social anthropology. The RAI's day of anthropology in Austria strives
to take stock of these recent developments by presenting and
discussing major trends, advances, and insights in the fields of
regional studies, qualitative methodologies, and topical areas of
interest. Several of anthropology's key representatives in the
Austrian Academy of Sciences and at the University of Vienna will
reflect critically upon the directions anthropology in Austria is
taking in the early 21st century. This will focus on studies in
Eurasia, Africa, and the Americas, on comparative and historical
methods, and on fields ranging from mobility and refugee studies to
the anthropology of art and of the environment, and medical
anthropology. Contributors will include several mid-career scholars as
well as Ayşe Çağlar, Thomas Fillitz, Andre Gingrich, and Peter
Schweitzer. H.E. Dr. Martin Eichtinger, Ambassador of the Republic of
Austria to the United Kingdom, will give the "Welcome Address".

This event is free, but tickets must be booked. To book tickets
please go to

Welcome & Opening, Representative of the Royal Anthropological Institute

Welcome Address, HE Martin Eichtinger, Ambassador of the Federal
Republic of Austria to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and
Northern Ireland
Heinz Fassmann, Deputy Rector of the University of Vienna & Chair of
the Austrian Academy of Sciences Academy Council

Morning Session

Andre Gingrich, "A First Overview: Introducing Anthropology from Austria"

Ayşe Çağlar, "Migrants and City Making in a Multiscalar Perspective:
Space and Time in Anthropology of Migration"

Peter Schweitzer, "Remote Connections: Human Entanglements with Built
and Natural Environments in the Arctic and Elsewhere"

Eva-Maria Knoll, "In Motion: Genes, Identities and Mediated Lives in
Small Scale Contexts"

Discussant 1 Chris Hann, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology
(Halle/Saale, G)

Lunch Break

Afternoon Session

Thomas Fillitz, "Visual Research in Social Sciences, and an
Anthropology of Contemporary Art"

Elke Mader, "Ritual Transformations: Vision Quest, Shamanism, and
Globalization in Amazonia"

Stephan Kloos, "From Buddhist Deities to the Spirit of Capitalism:
Tibetan Medicine and the Remaking of Inner Asia"

Maria Six-Hohenbalken, "On Violence and Displacement: Memories after
Extreme Violent Experiences in Kurdish Society"

Andre Gingrich, "Critical Re-Assessments: Historical Anthropology and
the History of Anthropology"

Discussant 2 João de Pina-Cabral, School of Anthropology &
Conservation, Univ. of Kent

For the abstracts please see our website

Bioarchaeologists' Northeast Regional Dialogue
October 29, 2016, at SUNY Oneonta

Contact information:

Masterclass with Drucilla Cornell: The Spirit of Revolution - Beyond
the Dead Ends of Man

Warwick Social Theory Centre hosts a three day masterclass with renown
feminist philosopher Drucilla Cornell and her co-author Stephen Seely,
exploring themes from their new book The Spirit of Revolution: Beyond
the Dead Ends of Man.

The book seeks to reclaim revolutionary politics and to embrace human
agency for contemporary feminist and queer theory—in which both
revolution and humanism have been effectively disavowed. Whilst
holding onto the feminist critiques of the supposed sovereignty and
universality of Man, they contend that we must nonetheless embrace
human agency and the struggle against colonialism and capitalism. The
book proceeds through a series of 'creolised readings', thinking
Michel Foucault with Ali Shariati, Jaques Lacan with Franz Fanon, and
Baruch Spinoza with Sylvia Wynter. Through this they demonstrate what
is at stake in the ongoing debate between humanism and posthumanism,
putting this in the context of contemporary global crises and
possibilities of revolution.

In their defence of political spirituality Cornell and Seely push for
a new trajectory in response to the gross inequalities of today, one
that offers us a very different view of revolution and its present day

The masterclass is open to faculty, researchers and postgraduate
students. The class will run from 10.00 to 17.00 on November 8th to
10th. The event is free and will include lunch, but places will be
strictly limited and registration is essential. Please register your
interest in attending here:

The event is sponsored by Warwick IAS, Connecting Cultures GRP, Social
Theory Centre and the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender.

Dr Claire Blencowe
Associate Professor of Sociology
Director of Social Theory Centre
University of Warwick

McMaster University - The Department of Anthropology Seminar Series Presents:

(Il)legality, Emergency, and the Struggle over the Commons: Water
Politics in Campania

Andrea Muehlebach

University of Toronto

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Room A404 AN Bourns Science Building

Thank you/Merci

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