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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Call for Applications “On Energy”, Research Residency Program, Banff Research in Culture, May 30-June 24, 2016

Call for Applications "On Energy", Research Residency Program, Banff
Research in Culture, May 30-June 24, 2016

"On Energy" invites participants in the fields of visual art,
architecture, design, literature, humanities, social sciences, and
physical sciences to consider energy; its conceptual, corporal, and
cultural development since its thermodynamic invention, and the sort
of materialism that can emerge when energy is redefined in a
postindustrial capitalist society. This residency asks artists and
researchers to collectively address energy's historical figures and
futures, its visual and social economy, and its capacity to disfigure,
since energy is not a thing, but rather a representation of the force
embedded in matter and the relations between materials.

Banff Research in Culture (BRiC) is a research residency program
designed for scholars engaged in advanced theoretical research on
themes and topics in culture. BRiC is designed to offer researchers
with similar interests from different disciplinary and professional
backgrounds an opportunity to exchange opinions and ideas.
Participants are encouraged to develop new research, artistic,
editorial, and authorial projects, both individually and in connection
with others.

During the residency, participants will attend lectures, seminars, and
workshops offered by visiting faculty. The residency will help to
develop new approaches toward the study and analysis of culture, as
well as creating lasting networks of scholars who might use this
opportunity as the basis for future collaborative work. This program
is open to current PhD researchers and post-doctoral researchers
(faculty up to tenure) beginning their careers.

Application Deadline: December 16, 2015
Applications information can be found at:

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