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Thursday, July 30, 2015

CASCA: Conferences, Calls for Papers, Events/Colloques, Appels à communication, Évènements

Conferences and calls for papers/Colloques et Appels à communication:

Les colloques et appels à communication suivants viennent d'être ajoutés à
notre page web:

The following conference announcements and calls for papers have just been
added to our web page:

-CFP: Canadian Society for the Study of Names

-CFP: Urbanities - Journal of Urban Anthropology and Ethnography

-CFP: Peace and Friendship Treaty Days, University of New Brunswick,
Fredericton, October 28-30

-Journal Laboratorium Announces New Competition for Young Scholars

-CFP: Forced Migration in/of Asia: Connections, Convergences,
Comparisons (under InterAsian Connections V)

See them and others on our website:

Consultez-les ou voyez toute la liste en visitant notre site web:


Rupturing the ANTHRO-OBSCENE! With Swyngedouw, Pieterse, Dean, Keil,
Merrifield, Kaika, Myers et al :: In STOCKHOLM 17-19 September

Dear all,
this is a short announcement of an event in Stockholm in September
with a great speaker list to discuss political movements and
urban-to-global ecologies. Its part of a wider project to work out
and understand what politically performative theory is today in the
midst of financial, social, economic and ecological crises. It
connects and feeds into various debates across geography, sociology
and anthropology. Seminars are free. Please join us. RSVP on the
website. For those in Sweden you can also sign up as volunteer at the
theatre that is hosting the activist-organisers forum on Saturday 19
Sept. For more information on the intellectual framing, visit the

/Henrik Ernstson and Erik Swyngedouw

Open Academic Seminars and Public Forum, 17-19 Sept, Stockholm
Rupturing the Anthro-Obscene!
The Political Promises of Planetary & Uneven Urban Ecologies

Organizers Henrik Ernstson and Erik Swyngedouw have gathered top
scholars from political philosophy, political ecology and urban
studies to discuss democratic practices and political movements in
the age of urbanisation and ecological crises. Speaker list: Edgar
Pieterse, Jodi Dean, Roger Keil, Andy Merrifield, Maria Kaika, Jason
Moore, Malini Ranganathan, Nik Heynen, Neil Brenner, Garth Myers, and
Marco Armiero.

17-18 Sept - Open Seminars. All speakers will have 30+ minutes to
develop their argument followed by discussions (in English) RSVP.
17 Sept - Evening Lecture and Debate. (in English). RSVP.
19 Sept - Open Forum for Activists Artists, and Everybody Else
(mainly in Swedish).

Venue: Teater Reflex, Kärrtorpsplan, Stockholm (Subway Kärrtorp, green line)
Visit our website:
Organised by the KTH Environmental Humanities Laboratory in
collaboration with Teater Reflex.

Gender in Science, Technology and Environment (STE)

STE_Training School and Conference in Istanbul

For Early Stage Researchers,

The COST Action 'Gender in Science, Technology and Environment' is
running a Training School and a Conference that will take place in
November 2015 in Istanbul. They training school is fully funded on a
competitive bursary towards expenses, and is designed to enhance
your knowledge and awareness of gender in science, technological and
environmental research. As funding organisations (especially the EU)
are increasingly demanding this expertise, the workshop provides an
excellent opportunity to develop skills and approaches to equip you
for your research career. Following the 3 day workshop is a
conference 'Engendering the Sustainable Development Agenda', and
participation at this will be included in the bursary.

The webpage of the Conference and the Training School where you can
find information on many contents (others will come soon):

The two menus on the right (upper part of your screen) provide
information on the Training School for Early Stage Researchers. The
deadline for application is 31st July 2015, but if you intend to
apply and will not be able to submit the application by then, please,
urgently let us know.

Best wishes, Susan Buckingham

Dr Sonia De Gregorio Hurtado
Grant Holder of COST TN12O1- genderSTE
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Professor Susan Buckingham
Co-convenor of 'Gender, Cities, TRansport, Energy and Climate Change'
working group of genderSTE.
Brunel University London
London UB8 3PH

Representing Sexual Humanitarianism (International Workshop - Marseille)

calogero giametta <>

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As you might already know, on 23 and 24 September Nicola Mai and I
are organising a 2-day workshop as a result of our research project
'Embodied Borders: Problematizing Sexual Humanitarianism through
Experimental Filmmaking'. Please do circulate the info about the
workshop through your networks. Attendance is free.

Representing Sexual Humanitarianism (International Workshop)
MuCEM - Marseille
23 and 24 September 2015
The programme is now available here:

Since January 2014 the Embodied Borders research project, based at
the Mediterranean Laboratory of Sociology (LAMES) of Aix-Marseille
Université, has looked critically at humanitarian interventions and
policies addressing victims of sex trafficking and gender/sexual
minority asylum seekers in the UK and France. The project examines
the workings of 'sexual humanitarianism', a concept used to
understand and represent the humanitarian governance of undesirable
migrants that are framed as vulnerable according to their gender,
sexual orientation and/or behaviours.
What is at stake when sexuality/gender are rendered an apparatus of
rights-claims in the context of migration control?
How do sexuality and gender-related moral panics function when
migrant populations are specifically targeted?
How do the neoliberal imperatives of guaranteeing freedom and making
the State secure co-exist in processes of filtering populations at
the borders?
Which artistic, political, policymaking, documentary, and fictional
representations naturalise and operationalise sexual humanitarianism?
Throughout the two-day workshop at the MuCEM (Marseille) we will
engage with artists, filmmakers, scholars, and activists whose work
is focused on sexuality, gender and migration issues.

Dr Calogero Giametta
Post-doctoral Research Fellow
LAMES (Aix-Marseille Université)

Thank you/Merci

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