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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Cyclone Pam fund appeals - Canadian Red Cross and ANU researchers in conjunction with the Vanuatu High Commission in Australia

As you surely know, the small archipelago of Vanuatu was devastated
last week by Cyclone Pam. As reported in the media, the damages
suffered by this small island countries are enormous: many human
casulties; food gardens destroyed; 80% of the buildings in the capital
city of Port Vila damaged, etc.

If you want to help out, you may send donations to the Canadian Red
Cross' Cyclone Pam appeal.
You can also send donations to fund set up by researchers at the
Australian National University.

I am appending below the messages received from colleagues Dan
Jorgensen and John Taylor that highlight these initiatives.

Best regards,

Christine Jourdan

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> De : Dan Jorgensen <dwj@UWO.CA>
> Date : 15 mars 2015 05:11:34 HAE
> Objet : Cyclone Pam appeal, Canadian Red Cross
> Répondre à : Dan Jorgensen <dwj@UWO.CA>
> For those of you in Canada, note that the Canadian Red Cross has a
> Cyclone Pam appeal at:
> They have an excellent track record on making sure that the funds
> get to where they're needed, and not diverted into their own
> administration.
> Dan

De : John Taylor <jacktaylor2@GMAIL.COM>
Objet : Cyclone Pam: Heart blong mifala stap wetem yufala
Date : 15 mars 2015 05:48:50 HAE
Répondre à : John Taylor <jacktaylor2@GMAIL.COM>

Dear All (and with apologies for cross-posting),

The following link is for a fund that has been set up by ANU
researchers in conjunction with the Vanuatu High Commission in

Funds will be spent directly in Vanuatu on rebuilding essential
infrastructure at the Central Hospital, Port Vila. The Central
Hospital sustained significant damage and flooding during the cyclone.
This is significantly impacting on the care that the hospital can
currently offer its patients.

Allocation of funds will be administered on-the-ground by a Committee
made up of the Vanuatu High Commissioner or his representative, a
representative of the Australian Friends of Vanuatu, and a
representative of the Vanuatu Department of Finance.

Please share and give generously if you are able.

Tankiu tumas,

John Taylor

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