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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Call for IUAES-TOURISM regional representatives

Dear colleague,

This is a message from the International Union of Anthropological and
Ethnological Sciences Commission on the Anthropology of Tourism
(IUAES-TOURISM). The main objective of IUAES-TOURISM is to promote
the anthropology of tourism in the fields of research, teaching and
public dissemination. The Commission facilitates the networking
across the globe of people who share this interest. We want to
strengthen the global approach of the commission and to increase its
activities. We therefore invite anthropologists to become regional
representatives. The task of such a representative would be to
inform the global community (primarily via the mailing list and
social media) on issues, events, publications or opportunities
related to the anthropology of tourism in their respective area (or
beyond) and to forward information from IUAES-TOURISM to their
regional contacts and networks. This is a position of trust without a
heavy workload. We believe that a better regional coverage will
enable IUAES-TOURISM to become more truly global.

If you are an anthropologist and interested in becoming a
IUAES-TOURISM regional representative, please send a short introduction of yourself, the region you
propose to cover, and your interests in the field of anthropology of
tourism. The deadline is Nov. 30th, 2014.

Yours, Mari Korpela, Noel B. Salazar and Yujie Zhu (the co-chairs of
the IUAES-Tourism)

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