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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Storytelling by Tribal People of the Himalayas__Videoconference on Sat 7 June


Acoustic Traditional
( )
is a cultural organisation founded and operated by
tribal people of India.

One of its leaders, Koitso Salil Mukhia, has kindly
requested me to facilitate videoconference participation
(and webcast observation) relating to an Acoustic
Traditional event this coming Saturday (7 June).

Salil and team would be in Katmandu, Nepal.

I (Eric, director of the World Storytelling Institute)
would be at my home-base in Chennai, south India.

Acoustic Traditional has been conducting research
regarding storytelling traditions of numerous tribal
people of the Himalayas (in India, Nepal, Bhutan,
and Tibet).

These peoples include Kiranti people (such as Limbu,
Magar, Rai, and Koit people); and Lepcha people.

On Saturday in Katmandu, Salil would be hosting a
gathering of storytellers from a number of these peoples.
Salil would translate and retell the stories in English.

One mission of the event might be:
Through tribal people telling tribal stories,
the tribal cultures could become more known,
understood, and appreciated.

Thus, you are cordially invited to
1) join the videoconference,
2) observe a live webcast of the videoconference, and/or
3) observe an online recording of the webcast of the

The event would occur on Sat 7 June, beginning at --
8pm, Sydney time.
6pm, Singapore time.
3:30pm, India time.
11am, London time.
6am, USA east coast time.
3am, USA west coast time.

We would be using the Google videoconference
and webcast system.

Additional info regarding all of this is on .

Please e-mail me for any reason.

Many thanks,

- Eric

Dr Eric Miller (PhD in Folklore)<>
(India) 0 98403 94282

Director, World Storytelling Institute,<>


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