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Monday, March 18, 2013

Call for Papers: Local Action for Island Communities Facing Social and Environmental Change

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Call for Papers: Local Action for Island Communities Facing Social and
Environmental Change

A proposed panel for the International Conference on Island Development 2013
Penghu Archipelago, Taiwan, 1-5 October 2013
Deadline for submissions: 31 March 2013

Panel convened by Ilan Kelman and Huei-Min Tsai

Based on 6-8 papers presented, or solicited afterwards, to become a
special issue with the same title within Journal of Marine and Island

Climate change exemplifies the wide ranging social and environmental
changes which are challenging many locations, especially islands. Despite
the difficulties, these changes also bring opportunities to implement
local innovations. Island communities are at the forefront of experiencing
the changes as well as at the forefront of local action to deal with the

This panel seeks contributions about local island actions to the
challenges imposed by social and environmental change. Successes and
problematic approaches, as well as those exhibiting both, are relevant.
Analysis of internal problems alongside the external challenges and
internal advantages would be welcome for contributions to the panel.
Single or comparative case studies are relevant. Ultimately, the question
to answer through case study research is: How can local action address and
not address the social and environmental changes challenging island

The introductory presentation will be given by Ilan Kelman drawing on
island case studies from around the world to set the conceptual parameters
for the discussion. As such, panel contributions do not necessarily need
to develop detailed theory. Instead, a problem-driven, pragmatic approach
based on on-the-ground evidence is preferred.

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