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Monday, October 24, 2011

session: EASA conference on Indigenous rights in a global conference

Dear All,

In collaboration with Irene Beliier, we have organized a session for the
EASA conference on Indigenous rights in a global conference : details here

We would like to invite participation. If you are interested please send me
an email. The call for papers will close November 28th.

Bye for now,


Charles Menzies (University of British Columbia)
Irène Bellier (CNRS)

The UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples recognizes the
rights of indigenous peoples while not actually providing a consistent
mechanism to implement these rights in specific national contexts. At
the national levels, governments have variously implemented laws and
regulations governing aboriginal peoples. However, there is wide
variation from State to State in regards the extent of regulation and
the legal definition of who constitutes an indigenous person, an
indigenous nation, an indigenous people. Our participants draw from
ongoing ethnographic research with Indigenous communities to explore how
indigenous authority and jurisdiction is enacted at the local, and
regional levels and how it is presented and enacted in global contexts.
Our papers take a global, multi-scale, comparative perspective to
document and discuss the social, cultural and political issues relating
to governance and the rights of Indigenous Peoples. Ultimately, we are
concerned with investigating the ways in which the principles of the UN
Declaration are put into practice in specific national contexts.

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