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Monday, March 8, 2010

Call for Papers/Performances: Popular Culture and World Politics III Conference, 04-05 November 2010, York University, Toronto. Please submit by 02 April 2010

The York Centre for International and Security Studies and York University
Call for Papers/Performances:
Popular Culture and World Politics Conference
04-05 November 2010
York University
Toronto, Canada

There is a growing movement in and around the study of international
politics to think about the intersections of world politics and the
production, circulation, content and consumption of various popular
cultural forms. This burgeoning scholarship has reached a point in which
it is possible to move well beyond the important initial forays that
emphasised the content of cultural forms-as-text, seeking metaphorical
connections between the cultural and the political, to explore the
interwoven possibilities and limits of the cultural and political.
The York Centre for International and Security Studies (YCISS) is pleased
to invite you to Popular Culture and World Politics III, to be held in
Toronto 4-5 November 2010. Following two successful events, hosted by the
University of Bristol in 2008 and the University of Newcastle in 2009,
Popular Culture and World Politics III seeks to continue the growing
conversation on the intersections of various forms of popular culture and
the study of world politics, from a range of disciplines and practices in
the social sciences, humanities and the arts.
We welcome proposals for performances, screenings, panels, or individual
papers, on any aspect of world politics and popular culture. In
particular, we seek proposals which address any of the following themes or
?Doing? popular culture and world politics: methods, practices and
Popular security: exploring the intersections of popular culture and
global security.
Using popular culture to span the disciplines: with a range of disciplines
looking at both popular culture and issues of world politics, how can the
study of pop culture and world politic work to foster inter-disciplinary
?Making? popular culture and world politics: what is the politics that is
emerging at the intersection of popular cultural production, the culture
industries, and governance?
Outside the West: exploring the intersections of non-Western popular
culture(s) and non-Western-centric world politics.
Is anybody watching? The problem of audience in the study of popular
Performing International Politics: rather than students of world politics
reading popular culture how are the producers of cultural forms making
their politics? We are particularly interested in receiving proposals for
the performance, presentation, screening or display of cultural works
which seek to produce a (world) politics in their practice.
If you would like to register for this conference please see and please submit an
abstract of no more than 250 words via the website before 02 April 2010.
If you would like further information please contact

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