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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reminder/Call For Papers/CASCA 2010


Call For Papers

CASCA 2010

The Society of the Spectacle, Reloaded: Movement, Medium, and Message
in the 21st Century

Panel Organizers:
Craig Proulx, St. Thomas University
Alex Khasnabish, Mount Saint Vincent University

Social movements are not merely manifestations of contentious
politics, they are sites for the incubation of a diversity of ways of
living otherwise. And yet, social movements are surely not the only
media involved in articulating and circulating their significance. If
social change action is often as much about prefiguring what might be
as it is about protesting what is, in an evermore interconnected and
media-saturated world, what is the significance of the roles played by
diverse media-makers in relation to these social change movements and
moments? This panel invites contributions that critically engage the
way that media – conceived of broadly as those involved in
media-making (professional, independent, amateur) in a variety of
formats (print, TV, film, radio, web-based) both situated within and
outside of social movements - participate in the selection,
construction, dissemination, and interpretation of protest events and,
in so doing, support or resist the broader social change movements of
which these events are often a part.

Please contact and/or send your abstracts to:

Craig Proulx


Alex Khasnabish

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