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Thursday, September 17, 2009

CFP: Anthropology Of Mothering


Demeter Press
is seeking submissions for an edited collection on "Mothering:
Anthropological Perspectives"
Editors: Michelle Walks and Naomi McPherson Publication Date:

This anthology will explore the topic and experiences of mothering
from a cross-cultural perspective. Although the collection will
primarily focus on cultural anthropological work, we welcome
submissions from all four fields in anthropology (linguistic,
physical/biological, archeology, and cultural). We encourage writings
of recent
fieldwork, welcoming the representations of local and global
perspectives, and writings that represent all points of the
insider-outsider spectrum, including auto-ethnography. Writing styles
may vary from field notes to ethnographic fiction to traditional
academic writing to poetry to photographic representations. While
ethnographic (research-based) submissions will make up the majority of
the volume, theoretical submissions are also
The intent is to compile works of geographical and experiential
diversity that demonstrate various family forms, as well as styles,
contexts and problems of mothering, from an anthropological
perspective. We would like to focus on the strengths, empowerment, and
agency of mothering. Please note that the editors embrace a broad,
inclusive understanding of "mothering".

Topics can include (but are not limited to):
Mothering in immigrant and/or refugee communities; mothering in
locales of war and/or terror and/or perpetual protest; rural and urban
mothering; mothering after the loss of a child and/or miscarriage
and/or abortion; the relationship of mothering to infertility and/or
miscarriage; the relationship of mothering to NRTs; Indigenous
mothering; queer mothering; mothering in communes and/or communal
mothering; feminist mothering in the West and/or globally; mothering
done by nannies, siblings, aunts, grandparents, co-parents, fathers,
parents, step-mothering; surrogate mothering; primate mothering;
allomothering; archeological research on/related to mothering?
mothering "in the field"? mothering and the internet? mothering and
dis/ability; political and/or activist mothering; mothering in
multicultural/multi-racial/multi- ethnic families; mothering &
post-partum depression and/or dealing with other mental health issues.

Submission guidelines:
Submissions should be 4000-5000 words (15-20 pages) (inc. notes +
sources). Please also
include a 50-word bio.
Please use the American Anthropological Association style.
Deadline for submissions is June 1, 2010.
Please send submissions and inquiries directly to both:
Dr. Naomi McPherson:
Michelle Walks:

Demeter Press c/o
The Association for Research on Mothering (ARM)
726 Atkinson, York University, 4700 Keele Street, Toronto, ON M3J 1P3

Phone: (416) 736-2100 x60366 FAX: (416) 736-5766

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